UMBRAmatik, d.o.o. was established on 16th of October 1992, as UMBRA software d.o.o. Since the beginning, UMBRAmatik has been organized as a private company, and over the years has developed into one of the leading system integrators on the domestic market. Our team consists of electrical, automation and mechanical engineers. In 1993. the jobs are moving into direction of engineering and integration of supervisory control systems. First project was in power plants Macedonia (automatic generation control of frequency and power sharing – ‘AGC’) and has successfully completed two years later. In 2000. UMBRAmatik signed an agreement on long-term technical cooperation with ‘GOŠA FOM’ (from Smederevska Palanka, Serbia) and begin to work together on projects of automation for coke oven machines, for the Russian market. A year later (in 2001.) started formal association with French international company ‘Schneider Electric’. In 2002. UMBRAmatik was awarded for a software – ‘design of automation for coke oven machines’. In 2003. UMBRAmatik signed a contract with ‘Schneider Electric Yugoslavia’ and became first systems integrator in Serbia. In that same year, UMBRAmatik‘s partner became ‘GE FANUC’ for ‘iFIX’ SCADA. In 2008. umbra software significantly expands its activities on foreign markets, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbeijan. In 2010 UMBRAmatik begins with automation of cut to length lines for various types of transformers. In 2012 started cooperation with French company ‘ALSTOM Hydro’ in the field of hydro-energy. In 2014. UMBRAmatik has become exclusive representative of firm PILZ for Serbia, BiH and Northern Macedonia. 


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