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AS-i (Actuator Sensor Interface)

AS-i (Actuator Sensor-Interface) was developed in 1990. as a cost effective replacement for the system wiring and connections. After 20 years of use in various industrial fields has proved to be an extremely reliable solution.

The initial idea was network with simple digital sensors and executive devices, connected via simple cable that is able to simultaneously transmit power and data. AS-i quickly showed that intelligent sensors and executive devices can not only be connected, but also controlled via network. AS-i is a power supply, wiring and connecting system that allows you to, instead of usual parallel power mode (each device separately, separate wires for power and data) power and signal transmission can be done in series – with single-wire cable. This cable (yellow color) is also the emblem of AS-i system.

This connection system offers following advantages:
– increased reliability – eliminates wiring errors, greatly reduce possibility of wiring errors, increased resistance to electromagnetic interference;
– security monitoring – devices for monitoring of network;
– safety devices – particularly important application of tensile cables (eg open pit mines) with quickly and unambiguously determination of nature and location of failure;
– savings in the number of PLC cards – in principle, it is possible to replace all input-output digital and analog cards with one (or more) AS-i module(s);
– saving on cabling – connection and power supply of unit by single two-wire cable;
– troubleshooting of electrical contact – all links are connector;
– easier diagnostics – with software (each device uniquely have specific address) and physical (LED for fault state on each device), report of exact location and type of error;
– time savings in design, installation, adjustment and commissioning;
– saving space required for installation – smaller enclosure for same system;
– easy setup in management software – communication built into device and does not require any special programming;
– easy subsequent amendment of the system;
– easy wiring – also available to staff who is not specialized;
– setup locally (via manual adjusting device) central (PLC) and remote (via Internet, through the principle of ‘Transparent Factory Automation’);
– fast intervention – is possible at any time, without stopping or losing data;
Via AS-i connection can be linked not only digital, but also analog transducers and executive devices. It also can be connected devices of motor switches, starters, AC drives, etc.. ‘Schneider Electric’ in its range of equipment with integrated AS-i protocol has a wide range of devices: command and signaling equipment (buttons, all-stop buttons, lights, …) sensors (inductive, photoelectric) limit switches, motor switches, starters, drives, operator panels, PLCs, ‘Preventa’ safety devices, etc.. Components that do not have built-in chip for AS-i, can also be linked to system through interfaces, with yellow power and communication cable.

UMBRAmatik can provide you a ‘turnkey’ – a technical solution design, equipment selection, application software, commissioning, training and maintenance.


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