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Industrial Process Control and Automation

UMBRAmatik is one of the leading companies in Serbia in the field of process control and industrial automation. According to “ready for operation” motto, we offer you services which include project designing, equipment specifications and delivery, equipment mounting, application software development, device starting, users training, guarantees, services and off-guarantee maintenance.

Automatic control systems are delivered as SCADA systems or a complete DCS.

We offer:
– Project designing;
– Conceptual designing;
– Preliminary designing;
– Main project designing;
– Contractor designing;
– Final project designing;
– Revamping project designing.

We also offer:
– Functional specifications;
– Technical specifications;
– Tendering documentation;
– Technical solutions/designs;
– Other documentation.

In our company you can get consultation services as well as our recommendations and experiances with various projects and technical designs, for every phase of project designing or supervisory and control system development. Skilled licensed project designers will be very glad to help you.


UMBRAmatik offers you engineering services both complete and partial (depending on your request)

– Project designing;
– Specifications;
– Equipment delivery;
– Commisionig;
– Start up;
– User training;
– Final project design;
– Equipment and services guarantees;
– Application software and equipment service;
– Off-guarantee maintenance;
– Specialist courses.

SCADA and Communications

SCADA applications on PCs (or on network bus) are emphasized to be a part of a supervisory and control system with total process visualization, commanding, alarming and complete events chronology, which are all adapted to users needs and technological process.
We pay special attention to communication, i.e. connectiong the parts of supervisory and control system via various types of communications. We offer wire, optical, or wireless communication via various protocols.

Equipment Sale and Mounting

UMBRAmatik offers entire spectrum of low-voltage equipment manufactured by ćSchneider Electric’ as well as by other manufacturers. Our offer includes literally all components which are necessary for integration and automation of technical-engineering systems: mounting and cable material, fuses, motor protection switches, command and signal elements, soft starters, variable speed controllers for asynchronous motors, programmable PLCs of varions types and performances, operator pannels, graphic displays. Total software tools are considered under the equipment. Entire equipment is tested, have references for work under extreme conditions and shows high reliability in working.


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