Positioning system – ACCUPOSSY

In the production process, system for accurate positioning of specialized machinery, rail vehicles, cranes, etc. is one of the most important subsystems in domain of automation. Extremely strict in terms of positioning in multiple positions (throughout the trajectory motion machine) this technical problem is in the foreground. When electrical equipment is on moving machine that moves and contacless reading of positions is essential (at relatively long path of machinery) standard positioning methods do not provide satisfactory solution. High quality solution to this problem is a system for accurate positioning.
This system must have high positioning accuracy and working security. Invalid operation of this device, due to possible faulty and incorrect positioning, may result in damage of property. So, for working conditions, we need very strict and multiple control.

System consists of several parts:
  1. PLC with specialized input cards;
  2. Code reader and appropriate code panel;
  3. Encoder;
  4. PLC application with their function for prediction, control and learning;
  5. Operator display for monitoring and setting of positions.




In addition to accurate positioning system, this system allows reading of position, by passing the device.

This system also allows:
– accurate and soft stop to desired position;
– code reader and encoder control one another and ensure that information obtained dependable;
– self-correction and self-study position in the process of exploitation;
– fault self-detection;
– work in difficult conditions (dust, moisture, low temperatures).

 Technical characteristics:

– Positioning accuracy;
– Top speed on which is possible read of code positions;
– Temperature range;
– Power supply;
– Maximum current;
– Protection of external devices.

UMBRAmatik can provide you a ‘turnkey’ – a technical solution design, equipment selection, application software, commissioning, training and maintenance.


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