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PILZ is the world’s leading company in the field of security automation.

As experts in the field of human, machine and environmental safety, PILZ provides solutions for all industries to customers around the world.

The solutions offered by PILZ include innovative products in the field of sensors, control and drive technology.

PILZ has a tradition of a family business that has lasted for more than 70 years. The company’s closeness to clients is evident in all areas – PILZ instills trust through personal consultations, through high flexibility and through reliable services. Worldwide, PILZ is represented by over 30 subsidiaries and branches, as well as 17 sales partners on all continents. More than 2,800 employees, each of whom is a security ambassador, make your company’s most valuable asset your staff – who can work safely and without injury.

Technically, personally, ecologically and economically – these are the four dimensions of automation where the PILZ brand offers man, machine and environment, as ‘safety ambassadors’.

Choose safety-oriented components, which are in line with your needs, and feel the benefits of safe, complete solutions!

PILZ can offer you a universal concept for solutions that can be applied through industrial safety and standard control functions – plants or machines – centralized or decentralized – unit products or complete solutions.


Find solutions for your automated functions with PILZ!

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